Car seats


Many European-based stores sell our strollers with the car seat as 3in1 ("travel system") option. "Travel system" is simply the ability to place an infant car seat onto the stroller frame, with appropriate adapters. We often get a question from our customers if we can sell a car seat that originally comes with the stroller. Unfortunately, due to different road traffic regulations and with your safety in mind, we are unable to import European car seats into North American (and any global) market. 

It is illegal to use a European car seat in Canada, and in USA according to individual state laws. It is also illegal to use a US bought car seat in Canada! For other global destinations, please use your locally purchased car seat as well, to make sure it complies with your country's regulations. 

European car seats are quite different than North American versions of the same seat, and they are not better or worse, just have a different design to have a proper fit in vehicles (which are different in Europe and North America), and European seats have a 3-point harness vs North American 5-point harness that comes with a chest clip. It is always best to make sure you use a locally purchased car seat, as this will ensure a proper fit in your vehicle. Some of the places to shop (many offer shipping!) for a car seat are:

To learn more about car seats differences between North America and Europe, please click HERE.

You can buy excellent infant car seats in Canada and US, such as Maxi-Cosi, Nuna Pipa, Cybex Aton - these will work with all of our travel system compatible strollers. There is no advantage in bringing a car seat from Europe.

Due to the best fit with our stroller adapters, WE RECOMMEND Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30:



MAXI-COSI* / NUNA PIPA/ CYBEX ATON** ADAPTERS are available for most of our strollers, please see the stroller product page for details for travel system compatibility. These adapters will fit Maxi-Cosi, Nuna Pipa, and Cybex Aton infant car seat brands. 

When using the Maxi Cosi / Nuna / Cybex car seat adapters, the infant car seats must click into place on the adapter to be secured to the stroller frame. 

* Maxi-Cosi Prezi model does not fit our Maxi-Cosi.

** Cybex Aton models will work with our adapters, Cloud model does not fit.



Some customers ask us if a convertible toddler car seat will fit on the stroller, and the answer is always NO. Convertible/toddler car seats are big and heavy, and are meant to stay in the car, you do not take them out as you would with the infant car seats. If you would like to use the stroller as a travel system with the car seat, you must make sure it is the INFANT car seat you buy. 

There are some great convertible car seats on the market that will work for infants too, but please be aware that they cannot be used on the stroller. One example of this type of convertible car seat is Clek or Diono



THINKING OF USING A TRAVEL SYSTEM? Think Again! Infants should not be spending unnecessary time in their car seats. A new study in the journal Pediatrics shows that infant car seats can compress the chest wall and reduce the airway size which may result in lower oxygen level in the blood. The study placed 200 new born babies in the hospital crib and in a car seat. Infants who slept in a car seat had lower oxygen levels than those who slept in a crib. This puts a new light on the over extensive use of the popular travel systems where convenience for parents outweighs the health of babies. Parents today can unclick the baby from the car without taking the baby out of the car seat and click into a stroller as they go about their ways. This results in infants spending over extended time in this compromising position. Experts advise that car seats should only be used in cars for safe travelling and not a convenient substitute for a crib or stroller.

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