Choosing a stroller

Choosing a stroller

One of our customers wrote a wonderful blog post on her journey to choose a classic style stroller, and we would like to share the post with you (posted with permission):


Euro-Baby Onyx Tandem vs single Onyx Review

Euro-Baby Onyx Tandem vs single Onyx Review

Onyx is a typical single stroller, Onyx Tandem is a double tandem stroller. It is not much longer than Onyx, so it is as versatile in narrow shopping aisles as a single stroller. What's really unique, is that seats and bassinets CAN be interchanged between the two models, AND can be custom color/fabric designed. 

Bassinets between the two models will work in either frame, however, if you want to use 2 bassinets at the same time on the Onyx Tandem, you will need to use only the smaller Onyx Tandem bassinets. Onyx bassinet is larger, and you can only fit 1 along with a seat on Onyx Tandem, you cannot use 2 Onyx bassinets on the Onyx Tandem stroller. 

The images below show the larger orange bassinet from Onyx model together with a seat. Seats are exactly the same for both models. 

We also think there is no reason why you couldn't use the Onyx Tandem as a single stroller, it allows for so much more storage, and add a second seat/bassinet/car seat when you need to.  You can place a child up to 20kg/40lb in either the upper or lower seat position, and the stroller is very stable in either setting. It will not loose its stability with just one child in the stroller. 

The seat on either Onyx or Onyx Tandem is quite large and comfortable, width of the seat is 30cm/12", backrest height is 52cm/20.5", seat depth is 24cm/9.5", and the footrest length is 22cm/8". Entire upholstery is removable and is machine washable on a cool, gentle setting. Hang to dry. The seat is eco-friendly, made of wood and soft cushioning. Fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certified, meaning there are no toxins in the stroller. You may choose one of the colors we present for either Onyx Tandem and Onyx, or you can create your own custom colors and fabrics! 

Below is the comparison in size between Onyx Tandem and Onyx. Onyx Tandem frame is only 11cm/4.5" longer than a single Onyx! Yet it is a double stroller! Entire length of Onyx Tandem when unfolded, from back of the stroller handle to the front wheel, is 110cm/43.5", while Onyx is 99cm/39". Width of both is 50cm/19.5".

Moving on, let's compare the bassinets between the two models. A smaller Onyx Tandem bassinet (blue jeans on photos) is of a rectangular shape, while Onyx (orange on photos) is oval and larger. When placed on the floor, Onyx bassinet has a rocking function (like a cradle), while Onyx Tandem just sits on the floor flat. You can purchase an Onyx bassinet with your Onyx Tandem, however, only 1 will fit with a seat configuration. If you have twins and require 2 bassinets on the frame, then you must purchase Onyx Tandem bassinets, or use car seats. Two Onyx bassinets will NOT fit on the Onyx Tandem frame. 

Onyx Tandem interior bassinet measurements are: length 69cm/27", width 29cm/11.5", and height 18cm/7".

Onyx interior bassinet dimensions are: length 73cm/29", width 33cm/13", and height 20cm/8".

Onyx Tandem comes with 14 configurations, well, 16 if you place the bassinet facing away from you. The recline on the seat is possible only in certain configurations. 

One thing that really stands out in the Onyx Tandem stroller, is its amazing SUSPENSION! It's a true all terrain stroller, great in deep snow, sand, gravel, forest pathways, and it's great for hiking too! The back wheels are equipped with an adjustable 2-step spring suspension, which means when your toddlers get older, you will want to make the spring tighter so it's not as soft. The front wheels are on shock-absorbers, so the wheels will bend forward if you hit an obstruction on your way like a rock or a tree root, minimizing the sudden stroller stop. Shopping basket underneath is massive too, it's also removable and machine washable. 2 pockets add convenience. We love the brake, it's flip-flop friendly, as you step on it only from above. 

Air tires give you the all-terrain capability, extra smooth ride for your children, and ease of stroller pushing for you, however, the heavy rubber makes it slightly heavier to lift in and out of your car trunk, although it's not heavy at all. The seats must be removed before folding, unless you have a lot of space, then you can leave them on. If you don't plan on heavy duty use of this stroller, then by all means, go with foam tires - great for paved surfaces like sidewalks and shopping malls, or simply get them as a spare tire set, so you can have the best of both worlds and use them as needed. If you need to lift the stroller up to go over a high curb, soft suspension makes that task easier, even with a heavy load on board. 

The wheels are 10" at the front, and 12" at the back. You can also choose between 3 wheel styles: full size Omega, medium profile Irys, or a low profile Drifting. All styles are available as either air or foam. 

Onyx Tandem and Onyx come on 3 different frame colors, it's yours to choose: white, black, or silver. 

We love this Onyx Tandem stroller, released March 2015, for its amazing capabilities and functionality. Onyx is the same as Onyx Tandem, just a single version of it. Let us know what you think about it?